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This blog is dedicated to the wonderful Demetria Devonne Lovato. I'm Jess, 18 and from Germany. Demi means everything to me, she just change my life. I never knew a girl who is so strong and so wonderful..She is just the best rolemodel and Idol someone could ever have. Thank you so much god for giving us such a talented, amazing, pretty & unbelievable woman. I love her with my whole heart and life. Lovatics are always welcome. Feel free to write me (: I don't bite :P Haters gonna hate, this even makes us stronger <3

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não copie e nem se inspire. e só pra lembrar, plágio é crime.
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old, but good one. love demetria.

old, but good one. love demetria.

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wooooop from my video.

wooooop from my video.

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